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Our Services

     At Avant Atelier, we provide comprehensive and exhaustive designing services for every type of client are it industrial, corporate, or residential. Our services include preparation of layouts and detailed drawings of all elements including themes, color-schemes, plumbing, electrical and fire safety, lighting, etc. Details such as floor coverings, ceilings, wall finishes,furniture, accessories, etc. are given due attention at the conceptual stage. Even soft furnishings such as bedcovers, upholstery, drapes, sheers, etc. are considered in the planning stage.


Understanding the needs and requirements of client
Understanding the client's lifestyle and budget
Understanding the area of design and location

Initial Concept and Layout

Taking measurements on site or on the basis of architectural drawings
Preparing a scaled plan of the site
Providing the client with a catalogue of finished projects
Taking detailed notes as per the client's vision of the finished project
Making initial layout with concept presentation

Final Layout

Discussing initial layout with the client
Site visits of finished projects with the client, subject to the client's wishes
Preparing final layout to client's satisfaction
Preparing 3D Views and Virtual Tours of the final layout (at no extra cost)

Cost Estimating and Contracting

Discussing final specifications and the choice of materials with the client.
Identifying contractors for various aspects of work.
Identifying the sources of various materials.
Preparing a rough estimate based on the final layout and the selection of materials

Execution of work

Preparing the detailed initial drawings
Supervising the contractors on site as they work based on the drawings
Visit site for work inspection, guidance and correction
Meeting with the clients on site to make sure they are satisfied with the direction of the work
Certifying invoices from various contractors before recommending them to the client for payment

Finishing Items

Checking different aspects of the work to make sure there are no defects
Providing the final colour schemes, veneers and polishes to the contractor
Inspecting the site to make sure the finishing matches the client's vision
Selecting accessories such as light fitting, curtains, handles etc.


Final inspection of all work.
Certifying the final bills of all contractors
Handing the site over to the client